Larmenier’s Residential Units

The village has a great variety of units, which differs in floor area. For this reason prospective residents should consider carefully before choosing a unit.

  • 2 Apartment blocks of mainly 1-bedroom units, of which there are 20.
  • 5 Apartment blocks consisting of 39 2-bedroom units, 20 3-bedroom units and 8 4-bedroom units.
  • 29 Cottages, of which 20 are 2-bedroom units and 9 are 3-bedroom units. All cottages have their own garages.

Parking spaces for the apartments are situated in the basements. Most one-bedroom units do not have covered parking. Second cars can be accommodated by arrangement. Some apartment blocks also have a few storerooms. These are not attached to particular units and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

LVCT – 1 Bed – Example of a 1 Bed

LVCT – 2 Bed – Example of a 2 Bed

LVCT – 3 Bed – Example of a 3 Bed

LVCT – 4 Bed – Example of a 4 Bed

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