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Are you thinking about putting your name down for Larmenier Village?

Advertisements for retirement villages tend to emphasis the beautiful surroundings, the security and the carefree lifestyle. Larmenier Village can offer all of these. However, in selecting a retirement village you need to bear in mind that you are making a lifestyle choice which is often very difficult. The decision implies that you are entering the last stages of your life. It is only the fact that the actual move is some years away that persuades many people to take this first step. It might be helpful, therefore, to clarify what is involved in moving into a retirement village.

Larmenier Village is not an old age home. The Village is a community, run by the Villagers themselves and it is dependent for its survival on a proportion of people who young enough and active enough to participate in Village life. While no-one is forced to join in Village activities and many of our residents live wholly independent lives, we do expect that new residents should be fit enough to be self-reliant for a number of years. Naturally we do our best to provide for residents as they get older but the Village is only sustainable if there are a reasonable proportion of younger people. It is for this reason that we have an age limit for names on the waiting list. This is also why new residents must undergo a medical assessment before they are accepted into the Village.

Prospective residents also need to be clear about the size of the unit that they are prepared to accept and when they want to come in. Larmenier Village has a considerable variety of units but some, such as the penthouse apartments, become available relatively rarely since there are only 10 of them. The reality is that you may not be offered the ideal unit and a compromise is often necessary. Nor should you delay too long. It is unreasonable to expect us to retain names on the waiting list for people who wish to enter only in their eighties.


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